Terms and Conditions

I. Registration

Invertree will publish the training/meetup dates in advance on timely basis (above all, by mailing printed training/meetup programs as well as by publication on the Webrockstar website).

By registering for a training/meetup the participant acknowledges to know the present General Terms and Conditions and agrees to the provisions hereof.

Invertree shall confirm the registration of a participant by issuing a respective invoice. By issuing the invoice attendance at the training/meetup is bindingly agreed upon.

II. Training/Meetup dates, Training/Meetup hours

The Training/Meetup will take place at the notified dates between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. and usually include two coffee breaks and one lunch break of one hour.

Invertree reserves the right to cancel individual training/meetups if for a specific training/meetup no sufficient number of participants (minimum number of participants) has been reached. The minimum number of participants shall be stated in the respective announcement. The participant shall be notified in writing of the fact that the training/meetup has been cancelled not later than two working days prior to the respective Training/Meetup. The participant shall be offered an alternative date within the next three months, calculated as of the cancelled training/meetup date. Any further claims of the participant shall be excluded.

Invertree reserves the right to change the training/meetup hours according to organizational requirements.

III. Training fee

The fee for the participation in the shall be due promptly upon issuing of the invoice and shall be received by Invertree by the beginning of the training.

The prices stated for each training program are inclusive of VAT.

Travel expenses, cost of accommodation and meals at the place of the training shall in any case be borne by the participant.

If a registration is cancelled not later than 30 calendar days prior to the beginning of the training, Invertree will charge no cancellation fee.

If the registration is cancelled 29 days to 10 days prior to the beginning of the training, a cancellation fee in the amount of 20% of the participation fee will be charged.

In case of cancellations at a later point in time or if the participant fails to appear at the training the full fee as in case of participation will be charged.

For calculating the cancellation periods the date of receipt by Invertree shall be relevant. The date at which the training/meetup is held shall not be included in the calculation.

Invertree reserves the right to replace the trainer or lecturer – not only in case of illness or non-availability of the same.

In case of training which are particularly designed for a specific customer (individual customer training) Invertree shall be entitled to charge additional preparatory expenses which are not included in the applicable price lists

IV. Participation in the Training/Meetup

In principle, anybody may participate in the trainings and meetups offered by Invertree subject to the maximum number of participants

Due to organizational requirements and for reasons of quality assurance with respect to the training/meetup Invertree shall specify the qualifications required of the participants for training/meetup Invertree reserves the right to reject participants who do not meet the requirements. This reservation is in the interest of the other participants.

By offering training/meetup Invertree does not submit itself to any obligation to contract. Thus, Invertree shall be entitled to reject a registration without stating any reasons.

V. Objective of the Training/Meetups

Invertree shall be obliged to pass on such knowledge and skills within the scope of the training/meetup it possesses regarding the contents of the training/meetup. However, Invertree shall owe no actual success and shall, in particular, not be liable for the fact that the participant (recipient of the service) will actually be able to implement the know-how provided.

At the end of the training/meetup the participant will receive a confirmation in the form of an attendance certificate to confirm that s/he received instructions in the contents of the training/meetup.

The participant (customer) undertakes not to ask any employees or other staff of Invertree to work for him without the explicit written consent of Invertree’s management.

Invertree’s liability for any and all claims of the participant shall – irrespective of their legal cause and basis – be restricted to actions of wilful intent or gross negligence by Invertree. Invertree shall not be liable for lost profit, lost savings, third-party claims for damages or other indirect damages or consequential damages nor for damage to recorded data.